Neighborhood Rock School Named Best Rock School in L.A.

Your Neighborhood Rock School is pleased to announce that we have been named ‘The Best Rock School in L.A.’ by Los Angeles Magazine! We want to thank the amazing people that have made this possible including our teachers, front desk staff, and most importantly our amazing students! We are amazed each and every day as we watch the magic of music do work!

…NEIGHBORHOOD ROCK SCHOOL isn’t the largest, fanciest, or best-known rock school in Los Angeles. The staff, however, is exceptionally patient and encouraging. Owner Don DeSimone is committed to teaching children with special needs. Instructors work with kids on the music they want to play – whether it’s the Beatles or Green Day, Led Zeppelin or Kelly Clarkson – while sneaking in theory. They talk to kids in their language, and newbies are welcome at the three-year-old school, which also holds a summer camp.”

– Los Angeles Magazine, August 2012

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