Concerts to Save the Arts

Funding for arts education programs in our public schools has been dwindling for years and is nearly non-existent at this point. This is true despite mountains of research that indicates that arts education in a curriculum helps students with their grades, their confidence, their reasoning skills, their cognitive skills, their conflict resolution skills and so much more. In fact, with regards to academics, there is a direct correlation between music education in early childhood and higher scores on the SAT Exam.

However, with funding for such programs disappearing from our public schools, how do our students of today get this all important arts education?


Your Neighborhood Rock School regularly produces fundraising concerts to help save arts education programs in our public schools through our partnership with the Burbank Unified School District’s Arts for All Program. Children from the school hosting the concert are put into bands to perform in real-life rock and roll concerts on their campus where all, yes 100%, of proceeds from ticket sales, food sales, and the like stay with the school hosting the concert to help fund their arts education programs and needs.

These concerts not only support arts education; but they also bring the school community together while teaching kids how to give back through their creative and artistic abilities. The kids have a stake in the funding of their own arts education program. In fact, over the past few years concerts such as these have raised over $150,000 for arts education in the Burbank Public Schools.

To learn more about this wonderful program, contact your Neighborhood Rock School.

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